Switched at Birth 4×09: “The Player’s Choice”

Something I’ve always admired about this little, groundbreaking show is the focus on the supporting characters. Very few shows absolve from their complete focus on the main group of characters (at least shows that are successful) and manage to still tell a captivating story. This episode (mainly) revolved around Travis, seeing as he’s had a much bigger story this season. Travis is dealing with his newfound popularity, while balancing university classes, baseball and his girlfriend, Mary Beth. He runs into his teammates on campus in the beginning of the episode, and has to bail when they ask hi to hang out, because Mary Beth asked him to see a movie. Travis, not the best student, is struggling enough on that front, and when Bay gives him relationship advice, he and Mary Beth end their relationship, so he can focus.

Ah, yes, Bay is the best person to ask for relationship advice….

Daphne and her roommate, Iris, task themselves with joining a sorority. Iris’ idea leads them to visit each one, where Daphne ends up wanting to join one herself, after she hears from another student that the seniors help with your schedule and keep copies of the past tests. (Not the best reason to join, Daph.) Both Daphne and Iris decide to do a “suicide bid”, where you only ask one sorority to join, and then they decide whether or not to let you in.

Bay, meanwhile, is back to her house arrest entertainment when her art project is postponed, while background checks are done on her local heroes. John, as interim coach of the UMKC baseball team, asks her to help, when all of his assistant coaches follow the old coach to a new job. Bay agrees, but is still distracted about Emmett after his last visit. He accidentally butt FaceTime calls her, awkward since he was avoiding her, and they have a brief chat, but he’s “too busy” and has to go. When Bay intervenes with Travis and Mary Beth, Mary Beth calls her out and reminds her that she isn’t concerned with them, she’s concerned with her and Emmett. Still reeling after their last visit, Bay ends the episode by making the rash decision to fly out to LA.

Not much happened this week, just the normal building of potential stories. This season, sans the Bay and Tank episodes, seem to be a little dull and not have much of a purpose. Next week is the spring finale of Switched at Birth, so prepare for it to be big. Hopefully we see how many stories have built up this season, other than the one with Regina and her ex-gang member boyfriend, Eric, (but nothing seems to be happening with that one yet), will conclude and expand. It’ll be interesting to see how they leave off. Stay tuned!

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