Reign 2×15: “Forbidden”

The beginning of the end. This season of Reign has been very eventful; starting with the plague and leading to the events that caused Mary’s assault. This episode, perhaps a slow one compared to the rest of the season, began with the Duke of Guise’s funeral, after Narcisse and Antoine falsely accused him of being responsible for the poisoning of King Henry.

The return of Marie de Guise, Mary’s mother, marked the drama for the episode. Still frightened about Queen Elizabeth and her rise in England, Marie confronts Mary about the state of her sex life with Francis, and pushes to know why they have not conceived. Not wanting to tell her mother of her assault, Mary lies about why rumors of her and Francis sharing separate chambers have spread, saying they’ve grown apart. Her mother, still devious and power hungry as ever, repeatedly pushes Mary to conceive, offering her a special mix of herbs that will help her relax and be “in the mood.”

When Lola accidentally runs into Marie de Guise, she is subjected to her scrutiny. As every mother should be, Marie is angry that Lola has a child with Mary’s husband, and angry that it was so easy for her to conceive. Lola must sit and listen, as she is only a Lady, and once Marie leaves, Lola drinks all of Marie’s wine, which she is unaware that it is mixed with special herbs. At the party, later in the episode, Lola is obviously not in her right state of mind. Francis arranged for her to meet a potential wife for their child, but she comments on the baby and mother’s unibrow and their funny ears. She seems drunk, but we learn that it was because of the herbs, which causes Lola to offer herself to Narcisse, but he respectfully declines, knowing that she isn’t aware of her choices. The herbs, we later learn, are for Marie’s deadly disease. She is slowly dying.

Mary decides to listen to her mother, and arranges a public night with Francis, so there is no question of who the father is, if she were to conceive. The good thing about Reign is they haven’t rushed Mary’s story; she is still traumatized from her assault, as she should be. Francis reluctantly agreed to Mary’s proposition, but then she is unable to follow through. She is still unable after her trauma to be in such a close proximity with a man. After her decision to call it off, Marie de Guise comes to Mary again, this time much angrier with her, as we find out she only looks at Mary as a way to gather power. Mary slowly informs her mother of her rape, to which her mother is still more concerned with a potential child, than Mary.

Mary decides to take control of her life and her power, and to return to France. We’ll see if she follows through, but she offers Conde the chance to come with her, in a romantic way, even though she might not ever be ready to be with him. Conde, however, is offered another opportunity. The potential chance to be Queen Elizabeth’s husband.

Reign has become the show we all expected in the season one. The show is much more about political power, and with the current events in the show’s timeline, it’ll be interesting to see how the story between Mary and Elizabeth will twist and turn. We’ll see if the writers follow history, somewhat, or if they give the show the happy ending for Mary that never existed.


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