The Flash 1×15: “Out of Time”

If you’ve been keeping up with The Flash this season, you’ve seen Barry put in numerous circumstances that test his speed, and his will. While harboring his feelings for Iris and trying to clear his father’s name, Barry has faced countless metahumans that were given powers, just as Barry.

I caught up on The Flash during hiatus, and this episode would’ve made a great midseason finale, but I suppose it does just as well as the midseason premiere.

Cisco stole the episode, in my opinion. During the episode, Cisco theorized possible solutions to why they were unable to obtain the Reverse Flash in STAR Labs, and began to dig into Harrison Wells, after Joe planted the seed in his mind that maybe Wells is the Reverse Flash. In the first Snow-light episode in a while, Caitlin’s only task this episode is to keep Wells busy, so Cisco can complete further research. Toward the end of the episode, Caitlin is obviously (and so badly) stalling Dr. Wells from returning to STAR Labs, he leaves (on foot) and leaves Caitlin shocked that his wheelchair act was a fake. When Wells leaves, he returns to STAR Labs, to confront Cisco. Already knowing, Cisco wants to know more, so Wells gives in. He reveals that his name is Eobard Thawne, a distant relative of Eddie’s, and he is the Reverse Flash. He never meant to kill Barry’s mother, he meant to kill Barry, and when he traveled back in time, he was stuck. And he’s been stuck for fifteen years. Wells then rips out Cisco’s heart, professing that he was like a son to him. (I don’t know what kind of father he had, but please, never have children.)

Barry, Iris and Joe were all dealing with Mark Mardon’s returns and vendetta against Joe for shooting his brother. After an uncomfortable double date with Iris and Eddie, Barry is having problems with Linda, after she sees how Iris and Barry act together. Meanwhile, Mardon is attacking the city, with Cisco’s new nickname being the “Weather Wizard.” After losing the perfect chance to grab Mardon, Mardon returns, this time to the police station, to attack Joe, but ends up putting the Captain in the hospital with paralysis when he tried to save Joe’s life.

Joe is captured by Mardon, and he lures Iris and Barry to the shoreline, where they are located just off the shore, on a boat. Mardon creates a tidal wave, setting its course for Central City, and with Cisco dead, Caitlin informs Barry that he is left with only one thing to do; run on the shoreline, back and forth, with enough speed to create a wind barrier. She just didn’t know if he could run fast enough. Barry, as always, proceeds, and runs with such a force that he travels to the past.

I was completely shocked that the writers killed off Cisco, only for it to be revealed that Barry would time travel and those events would never happen. But because Cisco was already on that path in the time Barry returned to, will he end up being killed by Wells yet again? And what about Caitlin’s revelation about Wells? Will she be on the path with Cisco? My Westallen heart is also hating the writers right now.. They give us a kiss, and then turn time back and Iris won’t remember? Ouch. Until next week!


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