Arrow 3×17: “Suicidal Tendencies”

Perhaps tonight’s episode was meant to be somewhat of a filler episode, not culminating into the overall plot until the very end, but it happened to be a fantastic one. The main plot in this episode was the Suicide Squad, with new member, Carrie (Cupid) Cutter.

We start off at Diggle and Lyla’s wedding, where Felicity’s plus one, Ray Palmer, ends up officiating the ceremony. Awkward. You can feel Oliver’s hatred for him already. During the reception, the celebratory couple, and the team, are interrupted by a news alert that the Arrow has returned to killing. The consequences of Oliver Queen turning down Ra’s al Ghul’s offer to become his heir.

Shortly afterward, a  press conference is held with the Mayor, Laurel, Captain Lance, and Ray, where they declare that an investigation is being conducted into the authenticity of these allegations against the Arrow, until Ray publicly declares that the Arrow is at fault and should be brought to justice, or brought in so they can find out what happened. But on live television.. way to go, rat. I mean…. Ray.

Diggle concludes that he will stay and help, putting off his honeymoon, but as Oliver is this season, he sends Diggle and Lyla on their way to Fiji. Too bad Deadshot is waiting for them, to take them back for a Suicide Squad mission; to save a United State Senator from a terrorist attack at the hospital he is setting up in the Republic of Kasnia. It was surprising how quickly Lyla and Diggle accepted the mission, considering their daughter Sara, and that they just got married. But we later discover that they didn’t consider it. They hastily accepted, not thinking of the consequences until they were trapped in the hospital, about to be blown up. Turns out, the Senator planned it all to leave a “hero” and now he would kill the Squad, and the witnesses, and still be the hero.

After years with a grudge against Deadshot for killing his brother, Diggle shared many moments with him, questioning how strong his hatred had become. And instead of the Oliver flashbacks, we saw how Deadshot became the person he was; how he came back with PTSD, and was recruited by the Hive. Ultimately, Deadshot saved their lives. He had to stay behind when the building was blown to pieces, to cover them as they escaped. It’s great how the writers even give their villains some redemption.

Meanwhile in Starling, Oliver struggled with finding the culprit behind the imitation killings. After more criminals were killed, Oliver, at the scene of the crime, was identified by Ray’s super suit as the Arrow, which lead to a confrontation. But, I mean, Ray didn’t stand a chance to someone who has spent 7 years fighting for his life, but okay, Ray, whatever you want to believe. Maseo’s return to Starling, with other assassins (dressed as the Arrow) shocked Oliver, and he uncovered why this was happening; because Ra’s didn’t want it to be a choice. Oliver has to accept his offer, or die. But nothing was more shocking than the last few minutes of the episode. In a last minute meeting with the mayor, where Ray decided to changed his stance on whether the Arrow is guilty or not, Maseo, as the Arrow, shot and killed the Mayor, and with his sight set on Felicity, let go of another. End of episode.

I’m so shocked by what extremes they’re going to for this Arrow finale. I didn’t think they would top last season’s, but with the epic showdown that is sure to occur between Team Arrow and the League of Assassins, it’ll be most surprising to see if Starling City is left standing.


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