Eye Candy: Season One


So I previously recapped the premiere of Eye Candy, but got so behind that I figured I’d just wait for the finale.

What. A. Ride. Victoria Justice’s MTV Thriller was the highlight to my Mondays, starting off the week with a bit of freshness (mostly from Lindy’s sass). While there were ups and downs, Eye Candy proved it could fluctuate as a show; from finding the Flirtual Killer, to Tommy and Lindy kicking ass and taking names. Even though it struggled in ratings, it maintained and grew from the premiere episode, creating an overwhelming buzz on Twitter (as it was in the list of top shows on social media for many weeks).

Most of the ten episodes focused on the Flirtual Killer (WHO TURNED OUT TO BE JAKE, WHAT THE F*#&), who was obsessed with the protagonist, Lindy Sampson, who is obsessed with finding out what happened to her sister, Sarah (who wasn’t actually kidnapped and faked it to keep Lindy safe). However, some showed the Cyber Unit of the NYPD, with Lindy’s help, taking down other criminals, perhaps to see if the show would be successful without the Flirtual Killer, and the answer to that is YES. I liked those episodes just as much, if not more, than some of the killer episodes.

Many were skeptical of Victoria Justice’s acting skills, and if she could perform well in a thriller after years in comedy, but I think she proved them wrong. Justice performed better than she ever has, and especially shined in the emotional moments, where we all needed to feel for Lindy. She sold it. The sass, the crying, Justice’s skills grew even throughout the series; where she wasn’t doing so well in the beginning, she had nailed by the end of the season.

Tommy and Lindy’s blossoming relationship enchanted the fans of Eye Candy, creating the name Tindy. Some liked Jake and Lindy, Jindy, but hopefully after he was revealed as the Flirtual Killer, those people have sat down and realized that Tindy is the way. Another popular character on the series is Lindy’s roommate, Sophia. A breath of fresh air throughout all the gore and gruesomeness, her charm and sass stole many scenes, and created the bond between Sophia, Lindy and Connor. Sophia, George (Lindy’s fellow hacker best friend) and Connor (Sophia’s best friend) managed to be some of the strongest supporting characters to be seen on MTV. Each had to deal with a serial killer on the loose, and even though Lindy’s presence put them all in danger, they all stayed with her. Each were written with many different layers introduced that could be furthered in future seasons, and it’d be disappointing to never see where they came from.

Eye Candy had a new twist every week; someone was either being killed, or something was revealed about the ongoing mysteries. In the season (not series, yet) finale, Lindy left New York to return to her hometown, after Jake gave her a video of her sister after her “abduction”, saying Lindy would then be safe. The creator of the series confirmed that Lindy and Sarah’s father is very much a part of this mystery, and if the show were to return for season two, we would definitely see him.

Moral of the story: MTV do NOT cancel this show. Sure, live ratings weren’t that great, but almost every week the ratings went up, along with the show trending Worldwide on Twitter. You’ve established a great fanbase for an even greater show, and set the premise for a great second season. It would be a shame to cancel it, and not give us more of this outstanding story.

*update*: Unfortunately, MTV cancelled the show and it will not be returning for season two. Hopefully the show’s producers will let us in on their plan to continue the show, and give us the ultimate fate of the beloved characters. Such a travesty.


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