The Flash 1×16: “Rogue Time”

So where we left off after the last episode, Barry Allen ran so fast that he ran back in time to the previous day. (Where we find out, it also had to do with his emotions, not just his speed.)

A confused Barry tried to wrap his head around his adventure, while faced with Harrison Wells’ dilemma; if he changed anything, he could upset the time continuum and something much worse than the tidal wave that the Weather Wizard attacked Central City with. But of course, Barry changes everything, starting with capturing the Weather Wizard before he even makes his first move. Oh, Barry, what have you done?

With Wells’ threat of a much bigger disaster potentially hitting Central City now that Barry ultimately stopped the tidal wave, I think the writers have dropped a major clue about the season finale; that will be the bigger disaster. However, in this twisted present day (WILL WE EVER KNOW WHAT IS REAL ANYMORE?) Cold is back, with Heatwave, and his sister, Lisa Snart (Golden Glider), with potentially the greatest team up we’ve seen thus far.

Ms. Snart lures Cisco away from Barry, and kidnaps Cisco’s brother, in order for Captain Cold to freeze the Flash’s identity out of him. Giving Cisco’s brother, Dante, some frostbite seemed to do the trick, after a touching scene where Dante tells him that their parents just don’t understand him, or they would be so proud, unlike him, who is still living at home, with a crappy job, as the favorite child. (Aw, what a touching scene.. hope your hands don’t freeze off, bro.) Cisco chooses Dante over Barry, (how could anyone blame him?) so Captain Cold is made aware of Barry’s secret identity.

Meanwhile, in the previous reality, where there were Westallen heart eyes and kisses, in this one, Iris is still not interested in Barry. When he confronts her, saying he “knows” she’s been thinking about him as more than a friend, she gets freaked out and basically slaps him. The boy is like one of those incessant whistlers on the streets, “I know you love me, girl!” and she just rolls her eyes and tells her boyfriend, who punches the guy. Which is what Eddie does. What a knight in kevlar armor. At the end of the episode, Caitlin fabricates a story for Iris and Eddie to explain that Barry is suffering from “lightning psychosis” causing him to spew out speeches of affection and explaining why he’s been at STAR Labs so much. Nice save, Snow.

After revealing Barry’s identity, Cisco contemplates leaving STAR Labs, feeling as though he disappointed them all. Honey, you’re gonna have to try a little harder than that, after all, Wells is the Reverse Flash.. and we are left with a eerily similar scene to last week, where Wells tells Cisco how he is like a son to him… only difference is this time, his heart wasn’t ripped out. Good parenting… this time.

After attacking a casino, where the casino then transports the money to an off site location, the Rogue crew attack for the money. All three of them together make a damn good team, and I would love to see more. The Flash grabs Cold and runs him to somewhere in the middle of nowhere, leading to the scene that will bring Cold (and Heatwave and possibly even Golden Glider) to the new Flarrow spinoff. Barry and Cold acknowledge why they do what they do, the adrenaline, and Barry suggests the he continue, but somewhere else and to not kill anyone. They agree that him killing is unnecessary and he could continue without doing it. And in true superhero fashion, Cold swears to protect Barry’s secret identity, leaving us to see how he fits in the new spinoff (though he might return again this season, who knows…)

The Flash is picking up speed, heading toward its season finale and the episodes keep getting better. Stay tuned next week, where we get an appearance from The Trickster!


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