The Flash 1×19: Who is Harrison Wells?

Last week on The Flash, Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak visited Central City, leading to interactions that stopped the Robotic Bee Queen, and Joe and Barry informing Cisco and Caitlin about Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash. (Sorry about not posting a recap for last week, wasn’t a huge fan of the episode, and was extremely busy, so I didn’t want to just halfheartedly post something that would be awful.)

To learn more about Harrison Wells, Cisco and Joe head to Starling City to delve deeper into the car crash that changed Wells, according to the his old, fancy, doctor friend from last week. Meanwhile, Caitlin struggles with accepting the truth, without any evidence. 

The new metahuman in Central City is a shapeshifter, or Everyman (thanks, Caitlin!) and he is on a crime spree. Starting the episode, he takes the form of a woman, to steal jewelry out of safe deposit boxes, and then we see her, the actual woman, not the shifter, in the police station, watching herself committing the crime on video. While Joe is gone, Eddie has taken over, and luckily he is in on Barry’s secret, so the first theory he has after the interrogation is that it’s a metahuman. With Barry and Eddie hot on his trail, the shapeshifter continues to escape them, taking the form of a new person, again and again.

In Starling City, Joe and Cisco visit the SCPD, in hopes to learn more about the crash that killed Wells’ wife. Quentin hands over the files, and they pay a visit to the site. Cisco brings a sound wave/metal detector thing, and they find the real Harrison Wells’ body, like two feet away from the crash site, way to go SCPD. Laurel Lance asks for Cisco’s attention at the police station, confessing to him about her status as the Black Canary, and asking him to fix a device, and he develops it into her iconic Canary Cry. (YES!) May I just add that it is so nice to see Cisco tell Laurel he loves and appreciates her as the Black Canary, after everything she’s gone through on Arrow, with no gratitude, especially not from Oliver.

After Eddie and Barry learn the identity of the shape shifter, they pay a visit to his grandmother, who turns out to be him, and after stealing Eddie’s identity, blatantly kills two cops, in front of a camera. The metahuman then steals Barry’s identity and grows closer to Caitlin, at STAR Labs, while she’s developing a serum to render his shapeshifting abilities useless, temporarily. Going along with what some fans have been seeing all season between Barry and Caitlin, the shapeshifter assumes he should kiss her, as Barry, and Caitlin ends up kissing him back. (But that kiss was really cute.)

Eddie, framed for the murder of two cops, asks Barry to get him out the right way, not making him a fugitive. Iris is still being lied to about The Flash with no idea of who or what would be able to frame Eddie so thoroughly. Iris heads over to STAR Labs, to ask for (meta)Barry and Caitlin’s help to prove that Eddie was framed. She makes a very interesting observation, because in the video of Eddie, he was shooting with his left hand, but he’s right handed. Wells saves the day, stunning (meta)Barry as he was pulling out a gun on the girls (with his left hand).

I really enjoy when the episodes have funny moments, or scenes, and the writers did not disappoint. Iris and Caitlin drive to free Eddie, but when the stunned metahuman awakens, he takes the form of a little girl, and starts screaming in the back of the car, saying the girls kidnapped her, and Caitlin makes one of her usual remarks, saying, “We didn’t kidnap her.” in her calm and collected voice. All while they’re stuck in a road work area. The workers let the metahuman free, and she runs, and runs, and turns into countless people.

Barry’s cell is traced to the airport, where the shapeshifter brought it, and Barry stops him. After he changes into Iris, Caitlin, and then The Flash, to try and stop Barry. I feel as though the writers have no idea what to do with Iris, and Candice’s amazing talent, so before the shifter’s powers were temporarily stopped, he changed into Iris, to give her more time on screen.

When Cisco and Joe return to Central City, Cisco joins Barry and Caitlin at STAR Labs, and they finally uncover Wells’ secret room (finally!), where they find the Reverse Flash’s suit, and the news report from 2024, that says Barry goes missing.

The promo for the next episodes before the season finale was incredible; it won’t be long now before Wells’ is outed, and attacks. Stay tuned!


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