The Flash 1×20: “The Trap”

The Flash’s continuity this season in its epic delivery has been somewhat of a marvel. Perhaps it’s because we’ve hit the final stretch, but I have to say, this episode delivered the best performances from Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh.

With the events of the last episode looming, tonight we pick up right where it left off: with Barry, Caitlin and Cisco in Wells’ secret room, looking at the news report from April 25, 2025. The article? Written by our very own Iris West….. Allen. Don’t get any ideas now, Barry. Awestruck by this unthinkable news report, it’s even more shocking for Team Flash to meet the artificial intelligence that lives and serves Dr. Harrison Wells, but even more, they discover that Barry invented the intelligence.

Marriage is a very prevalent topic throughout the episode. When Eddie Thawne, our resident romantic, decides to ask Joe for his blessing to marry Iris, to which Joe says no, we later discover that it is because Joe is a hardcore Westallen shipper, Eddie decides to go for it anyway, informing Barry, who is still dumbfounded by Iris West-Allen, and asks him to talk to Joe to make him and the future Mrs. Thawne very happy.

The future Mrs. Thawne? Iris West-Allen? I have one question for you, Flash writers:


Anyways, our Scooby gang still struggles with finding out the truth about Wells, and after Barry confesses everything time-travel related, Caitlin and Cisco come up with an idea that will help Cisco relive his memories of Wells killing him. The best line of this episode has to be during Cisco’s dream, “Whoa, guys, this is mad freaky.”

After uncovering that Dr. Wells is actually Eobard Thawne, the gang decides to set a similar trap for him to get him to confess to killing Barry’s mother, to get his father released from prison. But this is the CW, so of course, nothing like that happens. Cisco channels his genius and uses the force field they tried to keep the Reverse-Flash contained with, to keep out speedsters instead, instead of keeping them contained. With this, Caitlin lures Wells to STAR Labs, where Cisco is preparing, and Joe and Barry are hiding, getting ready to save the day. And we get basically the same scene from before, when Cisco died, but this time it’s different. Cisco is ready; he’s ready to get the answers they need. But Wells is too smart for them. He doesn’t confess to killing Nora Allen, and breaks through the force field and is shot by Joe. Dr. Wells is dead.

But wait, no, it’s the shapeshifter. Dr. Wells had been five steps ahead of them.

Seeing everything that happened, Wells calls to taunt the team, and Barry finds footage in the Time Vault of all their “secret” meetings, and even recordings of them, including Eddie and Iris, in their homes.

While Eddie plans to propose to Iris, we get flashbacks of Iris visiting Barry during his coma. Candice Patton shines in this scene, giving us completely heartfelt emotion and heartbreak, leaving us wondering whether Iris harbors feelings for Barry, or not. Another funny line is during this scene — Iris tells unconscious Barry that “Detective Pretty Boy” asked her out, and without him around, she makes stupid decisions like saying yes. During her monologue, Iris makes hearts melt by saying Barry made home feel like home again, and she needs him and then there is a literal spark. I’m so confused on who I am supposed to like together! Damn you, writers!

Eddie’s proposal plan is destroyed by the Reverse Flash and Barry, because Wells decides to kidnap Eddie, after stealing his engagement ring. Probably some desperate attempt to keep Eddie single, so he can hook up with Eobard’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandmother. Barry finds Iris dressed as the Flash, after Eddie is gone, and promises her that he will find him. And as he is about to leave, there is another spark. A literal spark. And Iris finally finds out that Barry is the Flash. (Hallelujah! Keep this strong, badass woman out of the dark!)

Next week, we have Team Flash fighting Gorilla Grodd, and it’ll be interesting to see what Iris’ next move is now that she knows Barry is The Flash, and they’ve all been lying to her. Stay tuned!


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