The Flash 1×23: “Fast Enough”

(First of all, sorry this recap took so long, I was mourning the death of our beautiful cinnamon roll, Eddie Thawne..)

When The Flash left off, Harrison/Eobard was captured, locked in the Particle Accelerator and the Flash gang was infiltrated by Iris West, who was ready to kick some ass.

Now, with Eoharrison captured, he makes an interesting offer to resident speedster, Barry Allen, who can use Eoharrison’s plan to travel back to the past and save his mother, but he may die.. let’s be real, they use that threat enough.. the only catches are: first, that Eoharrison gets to return to his time, and second, Barry saving his mother would change the entire timeline, i.e. he would not be the Flash, and they would have memory of the alternate universe they are in.  Continue reading


Arrow 3×23: “My Name Is Oliver Queen”

Where Team Arrow and co. left off, Ra’s al Ghul announced his plan to decimate Starling City as part of Oliver’s ascension to Ra’s, and Laurel, Diggle, Felicity, Malcolm and Ray were all locked in a cell, exposed to the bioweapon, and left to die.

The episode starts off shortly after the events of the last, showing our Team Arrow, minus Oliver, awakening after their “near-death” with the bioweapon, and Malcolm announcing his plan with Oliver to inoculate them all from the effects of the virus. Continue reading

The Flash 1×22: “Rogue Air”

With Dr. Wells, aka Eobard Thawne, having kidnapped Eddie and continuing his quest to get back everything he has lost, we saw him working on something that would return everything to him. And that something? The Particle Accelerator. The same Particle Accelerator that turned Barry into the Flash, and created the metahumans.

When the Scooby gang discovers that Wells fixed the accelerator and is starting it up again, they are faced with one moral task; if the Particle Accelerator is turned on, then the metahumans they’ve illegally locked up will die. Continue reading

The Flash 1×21: “Grodd Lives”

In the last episode, the Reverse Flash took Eddie as his insurance and Iris finally found out that Barry is the Flash… but he didn’t tell her. Tonight’s episode begins with Iris having a monologue about trusting your best friend, and we see her confronting Barry, asking questions about the Flash, giving him the opportunity to tell her, but he doesn’t.

With the Reverse Flash out and about, the Flash investigates attacks on the Gold Reserve in Central City, and is overcome by some mind-numbing psychosis when he tries to stop “Rainbow Raider”. But on the security footage, they’re both affected by it. They both got “whammied”. And being the badass, sassy woman she is, Iris comes into STAR Labs, with the line following that, “then you know how it feels.” Continue reading

Arrow 3×22: “This Is Your Sword”

Previously on Arrow, his name was Oliver Queen. Now, he is a psychotic assassin, with no morals, and has been brainwashed by the League of Assassins, who have renamed him “Al Sah-him”.

With Nyssa captured and back in Nanda Parbat, Ra’s al Ghul continues toward getting Nyssa and Al Sah-him (Oliver) married. And in order for Oliver to complete his ascension to becoming the next Ra’s al Ghul, he must also use the alpha and omega bioweapon and destroy Starling City.  Continue reading