The Flash 1×21: “Grodd Lives”

In the last episode, the Reverse Flash took Eddie as his insurance and Iris finally found out that Barry is the Flash… but he didn’t tell her. Tonight’s episode begins with Iris having a monologue about trusting your best friend, and we see her confronting Barry, asking questions about the Flash, giving him the opportunity to tell her, but he doesn’t.

With the Reverse Flash out and about, the Flash investigates attacks on the Gold Reserve in Central City, and is overcome by some mind-numbing psychosis when he tries to stop “Rainbow Raider”. But on the security footage, they’re both affected by it. They both got “whammied”. And being the badass, sassy woman she is, Iris comes into STAR Labs, with the line following that, “then you know how it feels.”  (Can I just say it is about damn time that Iris figured out what was going on, and finally knows that everyone was straight up lying to her?)

When the thief attacks again, Cisco and Caitlin figure out that the big bad of the week is Grodd, their pet gorilla that was also affected by the particle accelerator. That Dr. Wells helped create. Barry and Joe head to Grodd’s hideout and attempt to locate him, but when they do, they are vastly unprepared; Joe is kidnapped, and Barry is almost killed.

Back in casa de Reverse Flash, Eobard is still holding Eddie hostage (and not even feeding him, what a monster!) and we are still left in the dark about his ultimate plan, now that his secret identity is out, until the end of the episode, where it is revealed that Wells has found the “key” to get back to his time.

After Iris finds out they’ve all been lying to her, she volunteers herself to join Team Flash, and has Caitlin’s support ultimately saves the day, helping Barry focus, after Grodd uses his mind magic voodoo again and causes Barry to collapse in front of a train, which he then uses to hit Grodd with.

Team Flash figures out that this was all a ploy to distract them while Dr. Wells furthered his plans, but honestly, this episode seemed a bit like a filler episode. tumblr_mj5dd3h6Rv1rd24zno3_400

It had its purpose though, because it showed that Caitlin, Cisco and Barry (and Iris) can do this alone; they don’t need Dr. Wells to help them save Central City from the metahumans.

Next week, the ultimate showdown commences, with Oliver Queen and Firestorm teaming up with Barry to fight the Flash. 3 on 1. (Though, since there are two more episodes until the season finale, it seems quite unlikely that they’ll take him out next episode, it might have to wait until the spin-off crossover in the season finale, where The Atom, Hawkgirl and whoever Caity Lotz is playing, were all seen on set during filming.


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