The Flash 1×22: “Rogue Air”

With Dr. Wells, aka Eobard Thawne, having kidnapped Eddie and continuing his quest to get back everything he has lost, we saw him working on something that would return everything to him. And that something? The Particle Accelerator. The same Particle Accelerator that turned Barry into the Flash, and created the metahumans.

When the Scooby gang discovers that Wells fixed the accelerator and is starting it up again, they are faced with one moral task; if the Particle Accelerator is turned on, then the metahumans they’ve illegally locked up will die.  What are they going to do?

Joe is faced with a crisis of conscience over the metahumans being moved from STAR Labs to Lian Yu. Later, he asks the District Attorney for help on his “hypothetical” question, and she advises him to take no part in it, or she’ll be the DA prosecuting him. He, in fact, does help, but obviously because his weak spot is Barry and Iris.

After contacting Lyla, when Oliver doesn’t answer, Cisco, Caitlin and Barry are all clueless on how to safely transport the metahumans to the airport, to be shipped over on an ARGUS plane to their new black site. Barry is still very much distracted by the threat of Wells, and their newfound discovery that his wheelchair held a futuristic power source that was charging Wells, which explains why he’s so much faster than Barry. Just not why he can’t run back to the future. Barry, desperate for help, goes to none other than…… Captain Cold for help. And where there is Captain Cold, there is Golden Glider. (I’m curious to know what her role will be on the spin-off, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.)

Captain Cold is quite the salesman. In order to obtain his help, he drives a tough bargain, and forces Barry to delete all records of his existence; from the police, from the FBI, every single thing on the internet, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Barry reluctantly agrees, with Joe’s objection, but Barry is desperate. He hasn’t been this desperate in the series, so far.

Cisco, Mr. Smart is Sexy, develops a brilliant plan to get the metahumans to the airport; he uses the power source that Wells used for his wheelchair, and uses it to make the back of the transport truck have so much energy that it renders the metahumans’ abilities useless. With help from Captain Cold, Joe, and Golden Glider driving the truck, they make their way to the airport. They arrive with no problem, but suddenly, the energy source runs out of juice, and the prisoners break free, and owe a debt to Captain Cold for letting them go… sneaky bastard.

When Team Flash returns to headquarters after their miserable fail, the Particle Accelerator is launched… again. Time had run out, and Wells’ plan is finally put in motion, as he returns to STAR Labs. But Barry is prepared for him, this time. Barry greets Wells and then is joined by two comrades…. Oliver Queen and Firestorm. 3-1. It’s quite an amazing battle, with Firestorm basically being thrown around like a match, but ultimately throwing Reverse Flash off of the top of STAR Labs onto a car, and Oliver shoots him with a laced arrow, courtesy of Ray Palmer, that makes his speed unavailable, at least for the time being.

And the Reverse Flash is out.


Next week on the season finale of The Flash, Barry, with the knowledge that he can save his mom, time travels again… But what events will he alter? Is this why Captain Cold (and presumably Sara Lance, aka Caity Lotz) are going to be in the spin-off? Is Barry going to alter a major event that changes the entire future? Tune in next week.


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