The Flash 2×01: “The Man Who Saved Central City”

It’s Flash Day in Central City and least excited to celebrate is resident speedster, Barry Allen. Six months after taking down the Thawnes and the giant black hole from destroying the city, Barry is a changed man. Team Flash has been disbanded and Barry has decided to take over Oliver Queen’s angsty superhero mantra: working alone to keep those he loves “safe”.

While Barry runs, and runs, Cisco has taken a job at the CCPD to create an anti-metahuman task force with Joe’s help. Iris is still working at the paper, writing articles about the Flash. And Caitlin is gone, but Cisco mentions she took a job at Mercury Labs.

Flashback to the day of the black hole, and Barry continues to run to counter the effects of the black hole, but ultimately, it’s not enough. Dr. Stein, taking the place of Wells, suggests that he and Ronnie merge to Firestorm, and by splitting apart in the hole, the force of that will stop it. And unfortunately, he’s right. Splitting causes the black hole to close, but in the aftermath, Ronnie is gone. Ronnie is dead.


At the Flash Day celebration, after much debate and encouragement from his friends, The Flash attends to accept the key to the city, but as if anything could ever go right in a superhero show, a car is thrown by a man who absorbs radiation to get super strength, also known as the Atom Smasher. Though it should’ve been Cisco giving him that name. Barry, still not accepting any help, tries to take on the man. Twice. Only to falter, and end up in a makeshift Star Labs hospital bed.

I know that Iris and Barry are destined, just like Laurel and Oliver, but I can’t help but get heart eyes when Barry and Caitlin are together. After Joe convinces him to reunite Team Flash, Barry visits Caitlin at Mercury Labs and the two have a heart to heart about Ronnie’s death, bonding over their mutual feelings of guilt.

Wells’ lawyer’s visit to Barry, and delivery of a flash drive, results in a video message from the devil himself. Somehow we just can’t get rid of him. Caitlin offers to watch with him, an otherwise unimportant video until he confesses to the murder of Barry’s mother, delivering the get out of jail free card for Father Allen.

Atom Smasher returns again, but Team Flash is stronger than ever. Barry leads him to a nuclear plant, where the heavy lifter is locked in a room and overloaded with radiation. And here is the season twist: Atom Smasher was sent by someone named Zoom to kill Barry.

Daddy Allen is released from prison and returns home with his son, only to inform him that he’s leaving Central City. Not really sure the reasoning behind that, but okay, Flash writers, break my heart a little more.



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