The Flash 2×02: “Flash of Two Worlds”

Just who was that mysterious stranger confronting the team, after breaking into their impenetrable security? Jay Garrick. And thus, the multiverse storyline begins.

Team Flash is edgy and anxious after Wells’ betrayal, and this man randomly showing up isn’t helping. And neither is his story. When the singularity opened above the city, and swallowed Ronnie, it created a breech that brought over Jay, The Flash of that world, and Zoom, the mysterious big bad, who is a demon-like speedster, and possibly the fastest of all.

Undecided on his interests, Barry has Caitlin run tests on Jay to see if he really is a speedster. Meanwhile, at the CCPD, Joe is confronted by a young, bold officer named Patty Spivot (Barry’s new love interest) who wants to join the recently memberless Anti-Metahuman task force.

After a warehouse fire, where Barry was attacked by “Sand Demon,” as Jay calls him, the CCPD investigates and Officer Spivot fangirls over Barry, a big fan of his…. forensic reports. There, they find “sand” which is actually human cells from Sand Demon. Cisco is tasked with identifying these cells, though they cause him to have a vision of when Barry was attacked…. and he wasn’t there. (Vibe, anyone?)


When Team Flash identifies the sand man, Joe tracks him down, and after detaining him, and making a few calls, determines that this man isn’t the metahuman, he wasn’t in Central City when the particle accelerator blew. The metahuman is the same man, from “Earth 2,” where Jay Garrick is from. Sent by Zoom.

Sand Demon was sent to kill Barry, just like Atom Smasher, and that’s exactly what he plans to do. Cisco uses his visions to find Officer Spivot after the metahuman attacks Joe and kidnaps her, as leverage to draw out The Flash. In order to stop them, Jay offers his advice: Barry needs to run fast enough to throw lightning at this metahuman and turn him to glass. And that’s exactly what he does. Barry saves the day, saves the girl and creates some nasty, human glass in an abandoned warehouse. They really need to find a new place for bad guys.

(Does anyone else like this Jay/Caitlin dynamic?)

In the preview for this season, it seemed like we would see Caitlin as Killer Frost, but it looks like this is the season of Vibe. And that’s not the only twist: in the final moments of this episode, Dr. Stein collapses and on Earth 2, Harrison Wells is alive and well, living it up in the fame of Star Labs.



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