Arrow 4×03: “Restoration”

Restoration… Restoring Sara Lance, or my faith in Arrow?

Since Harrison Wells, the world was invaded by metahumans, and now they’re in Star City. As if this town wasn’t unsafe enough with the League of Assassins and Damien Darhk roaming about, they also have to deal with tattooed, metahuman playing cards that can kill you.

In Nanda Parbat, Laurel and Thea arrive with Sara’s body, and Laurel demands that Malcolm bring Sara back using the Lazarus Pit, a concept that Thea isn’t totally on board with. Thea has her own bloodlust to be concerned with, a side effect from when she was dead for like 20 seconds and Oliver threw her in the Pit, which left her salivating for human blood.


(Not really, she just wants to plunge daggers into their hearts.)

Back in Star(ling) City, Original Team Arrow, in Ms. Smoak’s words, is back protecting the city, while Laurel and Thea are gone. Darhk and his men are still a priority, and are still elusive as ever, definitely owning their name as Ghosts. After a failed attempt to grab one of them, Ms. Smoak takes the weird tooth that Diggle pulled out of his mouth to Palmer Tech., while Oliver and Diggle track down different bad guys by themselves: Oliver to the metahuman, and Diggle to the woman who ordered his brother’s murder.. Where they both almost get killed.

Ms. Felicity Smoak channels her inner mom and decides to lock Oliver and Diggle in the…. Arrow cave? Green Arrow cave? What is this called now? until they work out their problems. Meanwhile, Felicity heads to Palmer Tech to see where Mr. Terrific is with identifying that tattooed card weapon. Discovering it’s some weird, biological, metahuman thing, Felicity Smoak makes some questionable choices: first, she tells Curtis that she works with the Green Arrow. Second, she reveals her secret elevator to Team Arrow’s base, which is on a hidden floor in the Palmer Technologies building. And lastly, she shoots at Double Down with a f–king machinegun.


She’s finally embracing her inner badass.

Meanwhile, in Nanda Parbat, Malcolm confronts Thea with an awful truth: in order to control her bloodlust, she has to kill. To stop it, you would kill the one who caused your pain, but with Ra’s gone, Thea is left with killing random people every few months. When she denies, her father tells her about a cure, a trick, and she falls asleep with the intention to set out for it the next morning. A lie, obviously, and Malcolm sends two assassins to be murdered by Thea.

Nyssa is against Laurel’s wishes to bring Sara back by using the Lazarus Pit. Seeing what the magic hot tub did to Thea and her father makes her fear the side effects, something a grief-stricken Laurel reasonably isn’t considering. She would do anything to save her sister. An angry Thea starts to pack her coffin, and tells Laurel to do the same, but an apologetic Malcolm offers to do something nice: bring back Sara.

Double Down, revealed to be working for Darhk, takes off after Darhk uses his mystical abilities to kill the woman that Diggle was following. Felicity tracks him down, and Oliver takes a card to be melodramatic and end his feud with Diggle. Classic CW.

The magic hot tub is prepared, and Sara’s nasty corpse is put in it, resulting in a feral Sara. And she’s angry.


2 thoughts on “Arrow 4×03: “Restoration”

    • jayruymann says:

      It doesn’t make sense how the elevator got there after the building was already designed and built, but apparently there’s a hidden floor, that’s what Mr. Terrific said when Felicity took him now there.


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