The Flash 2×04: “The Fury of the Firestorm”

With Ronnie Raymond dead again, Dr. Stein’s inner flame is bursting. Not only is he dying, but he’s shooting cooler, blue flames out of his head, making Firestorm look more badass than it did before. Too bad this is just a sign of his impending demise, and after Team Flash finds his replacement, they’ll be back to the same lame flame. 

Iris and Joe struggle to deal with the return of Francine, Iris’ mother who left so many years ago. After last week’s episode where Joe originally denied her request to see her daughter, he tells Iris that her mother isn’t actually dead, in one of the best acted scenes of the show (Candice doesn’t get enough credit). But by being the amazing father he is, Joe grants Iris the choice to meet her mother, which she does, but it doesn’t go as you may suspect: Iris basically calls her out for being a terrible person and a terrible mother and says that she is fine without Francine in her life, just like she’s been her entire life.

Team Flash’s dedication to metahumans this week is different. This time, they’re not trying to stop one, but trying to find one. Find someone else, like Ronnie, that was affected by the particle accelerator and can be Dr. Stein’s other half.. Sorry, Mrs. Dr. Stein…. Caitlin somehow traces the molecular blah-blah to two men: some snotty Doctor, and some rude mechanic. Naturally, the rude mechanic is the only option, after a failed attempt with the now-angry, with severe anger issues, Doctor, who channels his energy stealing metahuman powers and goes on a killing spree around Central City.


After a break in at a fancy lab, where the owner reported a walking Dr. Harrison Wells as the culprit (after his “return” from Earth 2), Joe asks his new partner, Patty Spivot, to hide that detail from Barry, as their romance continues to blossom, blessing the hearts of viewers like myself with their awkward, cute flirting. Meanwhile, Patty is investigating a metahuman man-shark, a man that is a shark on land, that nearly kills Barry when he goes to woo Patty, and nearly kills her as well, before they both are saved by a hooded Harrison Wells with a big ass laser. Why can’t this man die already?


This new Firestorm not only saves Dr. Stein’s, but saves Central City, when the crazed, energy wielding Doctor attacks people at the place where Jefferson’s imagined life was ruined by the particle accelerator: the Central City High School football field. And like every superhero to be, he has his realization that he is a hero and accepts his new life, a trope that is overused and overdone. Hopefully we don’t have to see Firestorm again until Legends of Tomorrow.


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