Supergirl 1×04: “How Does She Do It?”

(Now, back to the past, to the episode that was supposed to air last week…)

The Girl of Steel is tasked with her most difficult challenge yet: babysit her boss’ kid, save the city, and deal with James Olson’s insufferable love drama with Lucy Lane. The latter being so unfathomably dull.¬† Continue reading


Supergirl 1×05: “Livewire”

(Due to the tragic events in Paris this weekend, CBS chose to air 1×05 instead of 1×04 this week, due to content matter.)

Thanksgiving came early for our National City crew, but the monsters are still around. Cat Grant is bitchy, per usual, dealing with an evenly bitchy employee, who is spending her Thanksgiving thanking her tongue for the nasty comments she can make about Supergirl. Eliza Danvers is in town to visit her daughters, making Alex’s life a living hell.

image Continue reading

Supergirl 1×03: “Fight or Flight”

“…if I’m going to be defined, it’s going to be by my victories and my losses, no one else’s.”

Supergirl is finally getting her story, not Superman’s, no thanks to Cat Grant. Ms. Grant wants to expose Supergirl after their rooftop rendezvous, where Kara accidentally exposes her relation to the Man of Steel. Her slip up leads to unforeseen consequences: Cat Grant is going to write the Supergirl expos√© and let National a City see their true, moderate version of a superhero. Continue reading

Supergirl 1×02: “Stronger Together”

“He He He, Him Him Him, I am so sick of hearing about the Man of Steel.” Wasn’t this show supposed to be about Supergirl? The repeated mention of Superman every five minutes makes me want to gauge my eye out with a fork, the only relatable trait of Cat Grant. Why would you even mention Superman and not show Henry Cavill? Continue reading

Arrow 4×05: “Haunted”

With a feral Sara out and about in Star City, she’s left quite a trail: dead gangbangers and drug dealers everywhere and she has an awful habit of attacking girls with short, brunette hair… girls that look a lot like Thea.

Quentin and Laurel are on the search for their missing rabid family member, following the trail of the deathly blonde woman that is killing randoms and obnoxiously barking at passerby cats. Continue reading