Arrow 4×05: “Haunted”

With a feral Sara out and about in Star City, she’s left quite a trail: dead gangbangers and drug dealers everywhere and she has an awful habit of attacking girls with short, brunette hair… girls that look a lot like Thea.

Quentin and Laurel are on the search for their missing rabid family member, following the trail of the deathly blonde woman that is killing randoms and obnoxiously barking at passerby cats. Still not having told Oliver about Sara’s resurrection, Laurel and Thea want to find her alone, to save themselves from Oliver’s judgmental, I’m-better-than-you speech that is used all too often. Good thing his mayoral candidacy is giving him some new bullshit for his repetoire.

After a brawl at a club, where Sara got a little drunk and threw a girl outside, the Black Canary responds a little too fast, trying to take down Sara herself. Too bad Laurel’s secret is out and Felicity sends Oliver to take down the mysterious, blonde assassin, that’s been tormenting the town, and Oliver sees Sara return from the dead… again. Is this “resurrection” her third, or fourth? I can’t keep track anymore.


Oliver and Captain Lance are much more alike than they’d like to admit, especially when it comes to their hypocritical nature. Oliver (holier-than-thou) Queen yells at Laurel for being selfish, again, and for not considering the consequences of bringing Sara back with the Lazarus Hot Tub. Captain Lance drops a snarky little line about Laurel’s consistency: hiding Sara’s death from him and hiding her resurrection from Oliver.


But he’s the one working with Damien Darhk… After a few beers and a good amount of Laurel-bashing, they’re off on their merry way to find the soulless Canary.

Once Team Arrow figures out why Sara is targeting these women, not the criminals, it’s too late as she finally catches Thea’s scent. Tracking her to Laurel’s apartment, Thea forgets all of her League of Assassins training and is thrown around like a delicate flower, the only escape is tricking mindless Sara. And then she wakes up in the same hospital bed she was in when Ra’s al Ghul stabbed her, realizing it was all a dream.

Stephen Amell promised a parallel scene to the one in season two between Laurel and Oliver and it did not disappoint. In arguably one of the best scenes of the show, Laurel finally calls Oliver out on being a hypocrite and not treating her, supporting her, as his equal. As the Black Canary. Katie Cassidy nails this scene, and I am left speechless and unable to process any of the show until the commercial break.

Sara is a better sniffer than a drug dog and winds up at the hospital, with Thea begging for death (wtf, girl?) and then jumps out the window when Oliver and Laurel show up. (Both of the Lance sisters need to stop jumping out of windows without a rope, or a parachute. One day you’re just gonna go splat like a canary on a car.)

When Sara is captured, it’s John Constantine to the rescue to return Sara’s soul. Lucky for them he’s an expert in magic and Oliver met him on Lian Yu, like he met everyone else in a DC Comic there. Constantine performs some ancient spell, taking Laurel and Oliver on a quest for Sara’s soul, to another dimension that looks an awful lot like Nanda Parbat. My greatest fear is finally realized as Sara’s soul is trapped. Trapped by the magical hot tub.


But Sara’s soul is returned, the Lance family reunited again, and if they kill off Sara Lance again, she better just stay dead. Oliver is set on a new path again, as his respect for his team is demanded, his goal as mayor revealing itself, and his mole inside Damien Darhk’s evil plan is working with Diggle to bring down HIVE.

Meanwhile, Felicity has had Curtis working on Ray’s final words, isolating and separating the digital mess, to uncover a message: Ray Palmer is still alive.


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