Supergirl 1×02: “Stronger Together”

“He He He, Him Him Him, I am so sick of hearing about the Man of Steel.” Wasn’t this show supposed to be about Supergirl? The repeated mention of Superman every five minutes makes me want to gauge my eye out with a fork, the only relatable trait of Cat Grant. Why would you even mention Superman and not show Henry Cavill?


Supergirl may be super, but she’s not super. More like “#terriblegirl” after her failed attempt at saving the day, which led to an oil spill that National City residents mocked for days. What will Terrible Girl do next?

With Kara’s new alliance at the DEO to help them with alien attacks, Henshaw and Kara’s sister, Alex, decide that Supergirl needs some pedestrian training, if she’s going to stay alive. This does not include the missile training that led to the breaking of the sound barrier, do not try that at home. Alex leads Kara to a kryponite-infused room, where Kara is powerless to her sister’s secret agent/scientist fighting.

After getting her ass handed to her, by both her sister and her boss, Kara realizes that she’s set Supergirl off on the wrong track. If National City is going to take Supergirl seriously, Kara can’t be Superman. She has to build her way up to what he’s doing, to what she was trying to do, and miserably failing at. She has to be a hero: to save a snake named Fluffy that’s stuck in a tree.

A Hellgrammite is tormenting National City, eating a chlorine-based pesticide, and when the DEO tries to lure and track him, he kidnaps Alex. Like all of the other aliens under Kara’s Aunt Astra’s, he brings Alex to her, not realizing that they’ve just kidnapped Kara’s sister, just that they kidnapped a DEO agent.

Astra knows that Supergirl is her niece, her “evil” sister’s daughter, and like the other alien prisoners, wants revenge on Alura’s only living relative. Why else would someone get kidnapped if not to lure the superhero? Supergirl shows up at an empty warehouse to find Alex and Astra’s fist, breaking out in a fight that leaves the already-terrible warehouse in worse condition than it was before. Meanwhile, Alex tries to contact the DEO, as the Hellgrammite throws her against the wall, prepared to take her out with his alien, insect, Wolverine claw. But being a badass agent, she proves she can take care of herself better than her super sister can: she kicks him in the area that every male-bodied thing has and makes him stab himself. I love her.


At CatCo, bitchy CEO Cat Grant demands a meeting with Supergirl after her failed heroics that led to the oil spill. Using James Olsen’s Superman connection, she demands he get a meeting, or he’s fired. The latter threat being the only thing that makes Kara agree. But what will happen next week when Cat Grant settles plans on a Supergirl exposé?


One thought on “Supergirl 1×02: “Stronger Together”

  1. damien says:

    Superman is her cousin he’s going to be mentioned due to them being family. Not to mention this is also gonna be about Kara breaking out from his shadow and being her own hero. Not to mention this is in a different universe. This is not in the same universe as the movies. How long are people going to say this it’s easy to understand.


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