Supergirl 1×03: “Fight or Flight”

“…if I’m going to be defined, it’s going to be by my victories and my losses, no one else’s.”

Supergirl is finally getting her story, not Superman’s, no thanks to Cat Grant. Ms. Grant wants to expose Supergirl after their rooftop rendezvous, where Kara accidentally exposes her relation to the Man of Steel. Her slip up leads to unforeseen consequences: Cat Grant is going to write the Supergirl exposé and let National a City see their true, moderate version of a superhero.

Kara is still learning to be a superhero, but she’s definitely getting better. When a bus crashes and causes a multi-car pile up, Supergirl is there to save the day.. But Superman’s enemy, Reactron, is as well, wanting to kill Superman’s cousin. His nuclear blasts are super effective against Kryptonian Pokemon, rendering Supergirl useless, her only escape is the lucky damage she inflicted to his mechanical suit — she’s facing her first human foe.

Everyone tells Kara to call her cousin and have him help to stop Reactron, and Kara is done.This is her story and if she calls in Superman for help, they’ll never take her seriously.

They’ll never fawn over her like we do over Henry Cavill. 


They’ll never take Supergirl’s help as more than a consolation prize.

Maxwell Lord is in National City, preying on the young and turning them into sparkling vampires. A super scientist that is kidnapped by Reaction to power up his suit, who has a history with Cat Grant. After tracking Reactron to a car lot, Supergirl is ready to fight and confront this man with the truth and understanding Superman never offered: his wife was murdered when Superman tried to save Metropolis from a nuclear plant explosion. Reactron was there, too, burnt by the radiation and slowly dying.

Reactron hasn’t been stopped by Superman, but Kara doesn’t care. She’s going to do this, like she does everything else, and Superman doesn’t: with her friends. Only this time, her death wish is almost granted when she faces Reactron.. after rushing in alone. Her only reason for being alive is her cousin rushing to save her, the one thing she hadn’t wanted. Thanks James.


But our Supergirl is a fighter, and though angry at James for calling Clark, she is grateful to be alive, and ready to take down Reactron and get her rightful mention as the savior of Maxwell Lord, after he thanked Superman for his first rescue.

Cat Grant threw an extravagant gala to celebrate the magazine where she ousts Supergirl, and writes nasty, unfeminist things that somehow, to Alex, show an underlying respect for Supergirl Kara.. Not for the assistant Kara. At this gala, Reactron tracks Supergirl, and with Alex and the DEO’s help, they take out his nuclear heart. Literally.

Though Kara has a lot to learn, she has several people standing behind her, including her cousin, who shoots her an inspiring, “You’re doing great, Kara.” instant message, continuing his non-present presence his cousin’s television show.

Though, it’s a shame, “#terriblegirl” would’ve made a great title.



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