Supergirl 1×04: “How Does She Do It?”

(Now, back to the past, to the episode that was supposed to air last week…)

The Girl of Steel is tasked with her most difficult challenge yet: babysit her boss’ kid, save the city, and deal with James Olson’s insufferable love drama with Lucy Lane. The latter being so unfathomably dull


For wanting to disprove the claims that this show isn’t serious enough/is treated like a rom-com, this episode did no one justice. James and Lucy’s on and off again love affair, and Kara’s flirting with the friendzone, as well as Winn’s unrequited love for Kara all found themselves in the plot, a lackluster effect for what could have been done with James and Lucy.

Cat Grant won an award, finally beating out Lois Lane, and Kara volunteers to babysit, so Ms. Grant can actually travel to accept the reward. Her son, Carter, is 11, a “special” nerd that loves video games, and it turns out, he also has an unrequited love for Supergirl.

Though with all of the crises around National City, Carter spends more time with Winn than with Kara..

Bombs are blowing up half of National City with well known Supergirl hater, Maxwell Lord, being the main suspect. His technology is in the bombs, making them nearly impossible to stop, but that doesn’t stop the DEO. After Kara saves a building from collapsing, flies as fast as she can to save the city from another bomb, and has to choose between two bombs to stop, Maxwell’s involvement is not questioned, as he was with Alex the whole time.

Kara doesn’t have time to watch Carter and save the city, so she drops him off with Winn, and all is well because Winn doesn’t have an actual job, but the plan goes awry when Carter’s obsession with Supergirl leads him to the site of a bomb. Damn, kid.

When a suspect is found in the bombings, an ex, disgruntled employee of Lord Technologies, they track his hate for Maxwell Lord, leading the DEO to suspect the launch of the “Super Rail” train as the next attack. Though, Kara is split two ways when a bomb is found at the airport, but Winn sees the suspect with the bomb on the train, as well. Mostly concerned about her job, she goes after the train, and Ms. Grant’s son.

The DEO heads to the airport, as well as James, when news of the bomb is spread. James, worried about Lucy, chases her to the airport to confess their love for each other… I thought that mess only happened in movies… and Hank and Alex head for the bomb. When it comes down to it, Henshaw orders Alex to safety and uses his powers to stop the bomb, saying it was a decoy, but upon examination, Alex finds a kill switch. A fail safe.


Kara uses Carter to get the train’s passengers to safety, and confronts the bomber, the man with the sick girl. Unfortunately, the only way to save them was to split the train, letting the man blow up his own car. One life for the lives of many. But when Alex makes her suspicions known, something clicks for Kara. Both Lord and the terrorist acted strange, and it takes her awhile to realize that Lord set the man up to this, paying for his sick daughter’s treatment. But why? To test the Girl of Steel and her abilities. Strength, speed, and personal weaknesses when she’s not wearing the ‘S’.

Next week, the episodes will be back in order, the next one taking place after Thanksgiving. And Kara is yelling at Cat for talking down to her in the preview. It’s about time she took down that monster.


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