A Little Help For The Holidays..

As everyone knows, the holidays can be a little horribly stressful. Decorating, worrying about calorie intake and dreading the inevitable visit from family members that you may, or may not, want to see again. Here are a few of my tips to make the holidays a little better.  Continue reading


Arrow 4×09: “Dark Waters”

Oliver Queen continues his mayoral campaign with a charity event, sponsoring the cleaning of the Star City Bay, with the support of Team Arrow, and a “remarkable” turnout from the presumed dead city. But the glory is short-lived when a drone starts shooting at everyone, controlled by none other than Damien Darhk.

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Reign Season 3, So Far

When Reign ended last season, Queen Elizabeth was hot on Mary, Queen of Scots’ trail, calling for her death and her mission annihilate any others who lay claim to the English throne. Francis, accepting his forthcoming death, moved onto the final chapter of his life, and reconciled with Mary, who had an affair with Prince Conde, who knows what the hell happened to him, after her attack in the last midseason finale. Continue reading