Flash x Arrow: “Legends of Today & Yesterday”

This season’s epic Flash/Arrow crossover event was used to further set up the new show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, for its winter premiere (as if using all previous 7 Arrow episodes weren’t enough of a waste of time).


Hawkgirl is emerging, which is literally what it’s called, and Vandal Savage is tracking her down… smelling her. Like a, I don’t know, savage.. Barry and co. are unable to deal with this new threat on their own, so they head to Star City for Team Arrow’s help in The Flash’s half of the show.

When Barry arrives, Team Arrow (minus Laurel, because apparently they can never include her in a goddamn crossover) are fighting Damien Darhk and his ghosts, and Oliver almost ends up dead again, for Darhk’s magic, life-draining hand. Until Barry saves his life, and leaves Damien Darhk speechless and laughing. I don’t understand this villain.

Thea’s reaction to The Flash showing up is the best though, as well as all of her other lines in these episodes.


Our dear Hawkgirl is Kendra, the barista from Central City, who was dating Cisco, but has been destined to be with a man now named Carter, in their 206th life. Vandal Savage, a 4000 year old immortal who survives by killing them in each life and vowed that his hatred would burn for all eternity, killing them in every life.

Vandal Savage keeps tracking them down, destroying Oliver and Felicity’s apartment, among other things to kill Kendra and Carter, while Kendra practices drawing her wings. To emerge as the hawk, she must fall off of a building, and Carter takes the plunge for her. Almost killing her.

After Barry saves her, Kendra becomes the star of the show. Her struggle to become who she is, the same one Cisco is going through becoming Vibe, serves as a major plot point, especially for their both budding and dwindling relationship.

In order to stop the Savage, the whole team takes off for Central City for Arrow’s half of the show. At Jitters, Oliver sees a woman from his past, the one that Moira paid off to keep quiet about his son. Too bad she’s with his kid, and Oliver recognizes her, prompting him to track her down and have Barry secretly run a paternity test, which comes between him and Felicity.

Malcolm has little knowledge of the immortal, but helps with the take down, to protect his daughter. They establish a plan, now with Laurel’s help, because apparently she was in Central City, instead of her own town for this crossover. Barry, Oliver, and the Hawks meet with Savage to surprise attack him and take the legendary staff that can kill him, blessed with powers of the meteorite that struck Ancient Egypt. The plan relying on a gauntlet that Caitlin and Cisco made, and Kendra breaking out her wings and attacking him — neither of which works. Instead, Barry and Oliver try to take Vandal Savage down after he kills both Hawks, but Vandal Savage makes good on his threat. He incinerates Oliver, Felicity, Laurel, Thea and everyone else. If you’ve ever wanted to see all of Team Arrow burn alive, this is the episode for you.


But Barry runs and runs and runs back in time, creating a new timeline. A timeline where Oliver knows about his son, but he and Felicity don’t break up over it, and he’s not distracted. A timeline where the gauntlet has a piece of the meteorite in it, allowing it to actually work. And a timeline where Kendra is able to use her abilities on the fly, channeling them not through rage, but through nurturing.

But, squad goals:


In this timeline, the whole team takes out Vandal Savage, and this time Oliver doesn’t make Speedy, Black Canary and Diggle sit out on the action. But what will be the consequences of Barry’s time travel? What will become of Oliver’s son? And why did Malcolm take Vandal Savage’s ashes?


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