Reign Season 3, So Far

When Reign ended last season, Queen Elizabeth was hot on Mary, Queen of Scots’ trail, calling for her death and her mission annihilate any others who lay claim to the English throne. Francis, accepting his forthcoming death, moved onto the final chapter of his life, and reconciled with Mary, who had an affair with Prince Conde, who knows what the hell happened to him, after her attack in the last midseason finale.

But seriously, what the hell happened to Conde and Kenna?


As Reign’s season three midseason finale just aired, much has happened for our friends at French Court. Francis, was dying, then wasn’t dying, then died after an assault in the woods, sacrificing his life for his wife, this time for good. But his death was no shock. Many episodes dealt with the repercussions of his sickness, including hiding it from France to prevent Elizabeth to use that to her advantage, an advantage that was, and is, growing.

Francis tried to establish a plan with Mary, for after his death, to maintain the alliance with France by having her wed the dophan, his younger brother, who’s to become King. Mary declined, her love for Francis too strong to marry someone else, especially in his own family. A constant reminder.

Bash, psychically tied to the witch, Delphine, tracks her down to remove the spell, the hex, whatever it was. And thus they begin a love affair, as well as become crime fighting buddies, tracking down a man who is cutting out hearts, and tries to take Delphine’s as well.

Lola and Narcisse began the season as frenemies, before Lola gave into her desire for the man and they began a forbidden love affair, as it was against Francis’ wishes. Before his death, though, he grants them approval, making Narcisse his bastard son’s stepfather and Lola has disappeared since, only showing up to show her jealousy for Catherine’s obvious attempt to bed her husband.

Catherine, the rollercoaster she is, has been on one. Starting the season in England to take down Mary, Elizabeth banishes her back to France, where she is thrown into the dungeon for treason. But her manipulation begins again as she is needed to be Regent of France following Francis’ death, and has formed quite an unlikely friendship with Mary.

Mary, who after her husband’s and mother’s deaths has been searching for protection for her country, and a new husband that can grant that. Her most recent tryst, Prince Don Carlos of Spain, was originally sent to England to wed Elizabeth, but refused when she wouldn’t disprove rumors that she is actually a man. So instead, he took to Mary and it was revealed he enjoyed S&M, asking Mary to whip him as he was chained to a contraption. Uncomfortable, Mary asked Catherine to assist, but when the Prince found out, he freaked, and the wooden death machine killed him… But not before he could stumble into the hall, tumble over and seemingly die in front of armed men.


When Reign returns this January, Mary faces a new threat from Spain, as well as the remaining threat from England. Surrounded from all sides, and Catherine being hunted by Spain, too, will Mary run, or reign?


One thought on “Reign Season 3, So Far

  1. Morereign says:

    Except Don Carlos isn’t dead. We see him in the trailer for 3×08, “Our Undoing,” that he’s still alive, head wrapped, laying in bed.


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