Supergirl 1×08: “Hostile Takeover”

At the end of last week’s episode, Kara had regained her powers after her battle with Red Tornado and saved the city from crisis caused by the earthquake, only to be confronted by Astra, her aunt, and two of her henchmen. Why is Emily Fields’ father attacking Supergirl?

Astra, still holding a grudge against her sister, attempts to convince Kara, again, join them and their efforts to take over the Earth. The method of beating her up and then asking for help is baffling, but I’m not a Kryptonian. Learn some manners, Astra.


Kara breaks free, and returns to the DEO to report her aunt’s return, only to be called away by another crisis: this time, as Kara Danvers.

Cat Grant has been hacked. The leader of a worldwide, multimedia conglomerate has been hacked and Lois Lane, Clark Kent and the rest of the baboons at the Daily Planet are making money off of her leaked emails. Ms. Grant talks Kara, James, and the attractive IT guy (Winn) to search through her emails, all of them, and find anything else that the press could use against her. And yet, the most concerning thing to this CEO is that her real age has been revealed.



As if Kara doesn’t have enough to worry about, Astra flies above CatCo Plaza, waiting for her niece to find her and kick her ass. Supergirl has gotten much stronger since the pilot, and apparently has done much more martial arts training with her sister, as she easily takes down Astra and brings her in to the DEO. To containment. Almost too easily.


Alien hearing must be nice. Kara, using hers, overhears “Walking White Male Privilege” aka Dirk, confessing to his plan to dethrone the Queen of all Media, which sets Team Supergirl on a path to save Cat Grant’s ass. It takes awhile, but with some help with their non-lawyer, legal aid, Lucy Lane, they uncover emails that unmask the culprit and his plan to take over the company. And Kara saves Cat Grant’s ass, once again.


Alex, brilliant mind that she is, watches the footage of Kara and Astra’s fight, while Astra informs Kara of her ravage, hippie, criminal ‘I-Want-To-Save-The-Ecosystem’ ways that caused Alura to use her daughter as bait to lure Astra to her arrest, provoking the evil that we see today. And Astra’s husband, the mastermind of it all, suggested that Astra get caught to distract the DEO as they invade Lord Technologies.

They almost got away with it, too, but Alex caught on, and the DEO arrives in time to battle the group of aliens, and lose severely. But Supergirl arrives just in time to battle her uncle, the leader of the evil aliens.

Meanwhile, Cat Grant, after all of my suspicion, finally puts it together and confronts Kara about being Supergirl. Will she expose her? Or will she support her and finally learn her name?


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