Arrow 4×09: “Dark Waters”

Oliver Queen continues his mayoral campaign with a charity event, sponsoring the cleaning of the Star City Bay, with the support of Team Arrow, and a “remarkable” turnout from the presumed dead city. But the glory is short-lived when a drone starts shooting at everyone, controlled by none other than Damien Darhk.

Pissed at the turn of events, Oliver Queen consults with his team and makes a risky move: he called a press conference and reveals Damien Darhk on live television, showing the only known picture of him, and making HIVE angry as hell.



At another Oliver Queen-sponsored event, the Holiday Party, as Felicity would like to call it, Donna Smoak and Quentin Lance continue their love affair, while Laurel is off manning the hotline for the Damien Darhk hunt and Felicity is freaking out after her mother found the engagement ring that Oliver put in the soufflé so long ago. The Holiday Party takes a tragic turn as well, when Darhk kills the security and kidnaps Diggle, Thea and Felicity.

Now the Green Arrow is on the hunt for his loved ones, with the help of Captain Lance and Laurel, who finally finds out that her father was working with Darhk and Oliver knew. Oliver is hunting ghosts, searching and searching, but unable to find them. The ghosts keep committing suicide.

And now, what would the Green Arrow be without Malcolm Merlyn?

Malcolm gives Oliver a way to turn himself over to Darhk, but with a tracker, to lead the Black Canary and Green Arrow right to Oliver and his loved ones. Yep, that’s right. Malcolm dressed up as the Green Arrow to throw the scent off of Oliver.

At the compound, Oliver struggles as Darhk throws the team into a gas chamber, and he watches them slowly slip toward death. But the Black Canary saves the day with the Canary Cry, shattering the glass and saving all of them.

Take that, Laurel haters.


After defeating many men, both ghosts and brainwashed wannabes, they blow up the compound, with Damien Darhk unconscious inside, but after muttering some spell, the demon himself did not die. Instead, he and HIVE move on to the next phase of their plan.

After the rescue, Oliver makes a speech in front of the town, and also proposes to Felicity with everyone watching, before leaving his own event early. Probably to do the dirty. Oliver and Felicity take off in a limo, only to be shot up by ghosts. Oliver shields Felicity with his entire body, before climbing up to the front to escape, driving the limo in a dangerous, unsafe manner, only to find out that Felicity had already been shot to the tune of Little Drummer Boy.



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