Tips To Boost Your Self-Esteem On A Hard Day

What a week. An emotional rollercoaster of stress and self-doubt, mixed in with the backlash over an article I wrote for Untitled TV. I love hearing alternative opinions on the topic at hand, but death threats seem a bit excessive. But it comes with the territory. For those like me, I’ve always struggled with self-worth and after years of mastering practices, I’ve been able to distract myself until it went away, which definitely helped this week. Continue reading


7 Shows To Binge-Watch Instead of Being Productive

Why deny it? Instead of doing whatever you’re supposed to be doing, i.e. homework, you’re surfing through Netflix, looking for your next procrastination-induced binge. Here are a few of my favorites that have interjected themselves between me and my studies. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars 6×13: “The Gloves Are On”

The girls are violently thrusted backĀ into the world of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, after they become persons of interest in the murder of Charlotte DiLaurentis. With the police lurking, coyly accusing them of murder, each struggles with past and present secrets, except for Hanna, who has become nothing less than perfect in her 5 years away. Continue reading