Pretty Little Liars 6×13: “The Gloves Are On”

The girls are violently thrusted back into the world of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, after they become persons of interest in the murder of Charlotte DiLaurentis. With the police lurking, coyly accusing them of murder, each struggles with past and present secrets, except for Hanna, who has become nothing less than perfect in her 5 years away.


Aria’s shadiness comes under scrutiny from the others, as Ezra is still the girls’ top suspect for murdering Charlotte. Since his girlfriend, Nicole, went missing under mysterious, dangerous circumstances in a foreign country, Ezra has been drinking his pain away and angrily raging about Rosewood, throwing chairs at unsuspecting Ashley Marins. The night Charlotte went missing, Aria walked about Rosewood in the shadows with her past lover, the night ending at 4am, when Charlotte entered the church. From there, Aria went home… and Ezra? Who knows.

Fighting her boss over Ezra and his writing has became a daily topic for Aria, and her new man, who unsuspectingly has encouraged Aria to reconnect with her former sugar daddy.


She refuses to give up on him, going so far as to start writing his new book for him, delivering the first two chapters to her boss.

Emily has struggled the most out of the four. Her father died, prompting her to drop out of Pepperdine and not finish school, and she blew through the money he left her. Poor and in California, Emily became a bartender, but came back to Rosewood with the biggest secret: she’s selling her eggs. Though with the amount of guilt and stress in her life, is that really a good idea?

Sara Harvey still torments her, probably along with that awful tattoo the bitch made her get. And now she’s a suspect for murder. Again.


Spencer’s blossoming career in politics comes to a halt when she returns to Rosewood to help her mother’s campaign for Senator. Because if anyone should be a state official, it should be a member of the Hastings family, all of which should’ve been locked up in Radley at one point of another. 5 years later and Spencer still cannot escape Mona, who is working for the opponent’s campaign and dropping hints to reporters about their past with Charlotte and Alison. How will the reporters react to Spencer’s new hookup with Caleb, her best friend’s former boyfriend?

Surprisingly, Hanna comes back the most stable of the group. Not hiding any secrets besides her continuing feelings for Caleb, while she’s engaged to a much hotter man with an accent. Hanna has become dead set on the truth and is willing to go to extremes to get it. She’s the first to confront Aria about sneaking out the night of the murder and the first to scream at Ezra for being a dumb ass. But her secrets always come back to bite her mother in the ass, and erasing the camera footage of Aria from the new hotel, The Radley, run by her mother, doesn’t help her standing with the Rosewood Police Department. How will Hanna handle her ex running into the arms of her best friend?

While the girls struggle with each other and their secrets, Alison’s loyalty falters again as she expresses her concern to the police that Charlotte may have been murdered by one of the PLLs. After all these girls have done for Alison and she still won’t trust them.


Meanwhile, Sara Harvey and her wannabe Jenna Marshall electrocution accident haunts all of the girls, though maybe if she hadn’t taken so many damn showers, she wouldn’t have electrocuted herself.

As time closes in on them, the girls find themselves in the same position they’ve grown so accustomed to: being hunted by the police for a murder they didn’t commit and being psycho stalked and texted by an anonymous messenger. Only this time, it’s not -A.


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