7 Shows To Binge-Watch Instead of Being Productive

Why deny it? Instead of doing whatever you’re supposed to be doing, i.e. homework, you’re surfing through Netflix, looking for your next procrastination-induced binge. Here are a few of my favorites that have interjected themselves between me and my studies.

  1. Parks and Recreation


Amy Poehler and the outstanding ensemble cast are hilarious as members of Pawnee, Indiana’s Parks and Recreation department. If you ever wanted to know what a small town is like, along with good laughs, good times, plus it’ll leave you craving some delicious breakfast food. Especially waffles.

2. Revenge


Emily Thorne is a rich, badass women, seeking revenge on those who ruined her family. After her father was framed for terrorism, her childhood was ruined. Set in the Hamptons, Emily’s mission gets messier and messier with each juicy twist.




3. Friends


Do I even have to say it? Friends is the funniest, most relatable show that has ever been on television. Instead of trying to make plans with friends that are too busy for you, you can hang out with your six new best friends without ever leaving your bedroom. Beware, you will not be able to stop watching.

4. Charmed

imageMagical sisters fighting weekly demons and searching for a normal life, what could go wrong? Excluding the magic, these sisters have the relatable element of family and for fans of the supernatural, it doesn’t disappoint. Don’t worry, there’s no plot holes, either. (Unlike The Vampire Diaries.)



5. Pretty Little Liars





Get sucked into the world of Hanna, Spencer, Emily and Aria, who try to cope when their best friend goes missing. One year later, when her body is found, they are sucked into their friend’s twisted life and the high stakes search for her murdered, tormented by the mysterious -A, who seems to know all of their secrets.

6. Switched at Birth


This show breaks new ground with a several deaf characters, including one of the sisters that was switched at birth. Many scenes are just sign language. Follow Bay and Daphne as their intertwining families are shaken up by this new revelation.




7. 30 Rock


A show, set behind the scenes of fictional The Girly Show on NBC, Tina Fey is also hilarious as Liz Lemon, the head writer, whose absurd antics rattle within NBC Studios, as she’s trying to handle the writers and insane cast.




And after you’re finished, hopefully you won’t end up like this:


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