Pretty Little Liars 6×13: “The Gloves Are On”

The girls are violently thrusted back into the world of Rosewood, Pennsylvania, after they become persons of interest in the murder of Charlotte DiLaurentis. With the police lurking, coyly accusing them of murder, each struggles with past and present secrets, except for Hanna, who has become nothing less than perfect in her 5 years away. Continue reading


Pretty Little Liars 6×10: “Game Over, Charles”

And the award for most disappointing mystery resolution goes to….

Anyways.. at the end of last week’s episode, the Pretty Little Liars were at their Prom, from which they were officially uninvited by the school, after Alison was lured there by Charles. Because, after all Alison has been through, why shouldn’t we expect her to sympathize with a psychopathic stalker, just because it is her brother? Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars: Before The End of “A”

As this season of Pretty Little Liars comes to an end, at least half of the season, the girls are closer than ever to finally putting an end to (as the show’s creator, I. Marlene King, calls him) “Big A” and his game. In the season five finale, A, also known as Charles DiLaurentis, captured the four liars and took them to join Mona at his underground dollhouse. This season, they’ve been struggling to adjust to life back in Rosewood after their escape, with the key clue to finding out just who this monster is, and adjusting to the authorities and their parents being aware of his existence.

Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars 6×02 & 3: “Songs of …”

Season six of Pretty Little Liars started strong, and while it remains to be, each episode lacks any of the answers we were promised for the “Season of Answers”. While still not knowing what happened the night Alison went missing, we received no answers in 6×02, and few in 6×03. So, thus begins this merged recap…

6×02: “Songs of Innocence

After escaping from the insane asylum, the girls return to Rosewood Hospital, unfortunately, this time they aren’t tormented by the ghost of their “dead” best friend. Mona Vanderwaal has disappeared again, but she hopefully wasn’t murdered.  Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars 6×01: “Game On, Charles”

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, the girls, and Mona, were captured by -A. Also known as Charles. Who has a soul. And if you misbehave in his dollhouse, he turns a Taylor Swift goat scream on full blast over the intercom that, if played long enough, will make you want to die.

Pretty Little Liars returns strong, with another view to the girls’ attempt of escape as shown in 5×25, only from the point of view of another blonde girl, that looks just like Alison. She marks another tally on her wall of tallies, which seems to be the number of days since she last took a shower.  Continue reading