Flash x Arrow: “Legends of Today & Yesterday”

This season’s epic Flash/Arrow crossover event was used to further set up the new show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, for its winter premiere (as if using all previous 7 Arrow episodes weren’t enough of a waste of time). Continue reading


The Flash 2×04: “The Fury of the Firestorm”

With Ronnie Raymond dead again, Dr. Stein’s inner flame is bursting. Not only is he dying, but he’s shooting cooler, blue flames out of his head, making Firestorm look more badass than it did before. Too bad this is just a sign of his impending demise, and after Team Flash finds his replacement, they’ll be back to the same lame flame.  Continue reading

The Flash 2×02: “Flash of Two Worlds”

Just who was that mysterious stranger confronting the team, after breaking into their impenetrable security? Jay Garrick. And thus, the multiverse storyline begins.

Team Flash is edgy and anxious after Wells’ betrayal, and this man randomly showing up isn’t helping. And neither is his story. When the singularity opened above the city, and swallowed Ronnie, it created a breech that brought over Jay, The Flash of that world, and Zoom, the mysterious big bad, who is a demon-like speedster, and possibly the fastest of all. Continue reading

The Flash 2×01: “The Man Who Saved Central City”

It’s Flash Day in Central City and least excited to celebrate is resident speedster, Barry Allen. Six months after taking down the Thawnes and the giant black hole from destroying the city, Barry is a changed man. Team Flash has been disbanded and Barry has decided to take over Oliver Queen’s angsty superhero mantra Continue reading

The Flash 1×23: “Fast Enough”

(First of all, sorry this recap took so long, I was mourning the death of our beautiful cinnamon roll, Eddie Thawne..)

When The Flash left off, Harrison/Eobard was captured, locked in the Particle Accelerator and the Flash gang was infiltrated by Iris West, who was ready to kick some ass.

Now, with Eoharrison captured, he makes an interesting offer to resident speedster, Barry Allen, who can use Eoharrison’s plan to travel back to the past and save his mother, but he may die.. let’s be real, they use that threat enough.. the only catches are: first, that Eoharrison gets to return to his time, and second, Barry saving his mother would change the entire timeline, i.e. he would not be the Flash, and they would have memory of the alternate universe they are in.  Continue reading

The Flash 1×22: “Rogue Air”

With Dr. Wells, aka Eobard Thawne, having kidnapped Eddie and continuing his quest to get back everything he has lost, we saw him working on something that would return everything to him. And that something? The Particle Accelerator. The same Particle Accelerator that turned Barry into the Flash, and created the metahumans.

When the Scooby gang discovers that Wells fixed the accelerator and is starting it up again, they are faced with one moral task; if the Particle Accelerator is turned on, then the metahumans they’ve illegally locked up will die. Continue reading

The Flash 1×21: “Grodd Lives”

In the last episode, the Reverse Flash took Eddie as his insurance and Iris finally found out that Barry is the Flash… but he didn’t tell her. Tonight’s episode begins with Iris having a monologue about trusting your best friend, and we see her confronting Barry, asking questions about the Flash, giving him the opportunity to tell her, but he doesn’t.

With the Reverse Flash out and about, the Flash investigates attacks on the Gold Reserve in Central City, and is overcome by some mind-numbing psychosis when he tries to stop “Rainbow Raider”. But on the security footage, they’re both affected by it. They both got “whammied”. And being the badass, sassy woman she is, Iris comes into STAR Labs, with the line following that, “then you know how it feels.” Continue reading

The Flash 1×20: “The Trap”

The Flash’s continuity this season in its epic delivery has been somewhat of a marvel. Perhaps it’s because we’ve hit the final stretch, but I have to say, this episode delivered the best performances from Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh.

With the events of the last episode looming, tonight we pick up right where it left off: with Barry, Caitlin and Cisco in Wells’ secret room, looking at the news report from April 25, 2025. The article? Written by our very own Iris West….. Allen. Continue reading

The Flash 1×19: Who is Harrison Wells?

Last week on The Flash, Ray Palmer and Felicity Smoak visited Central City, leading to interactions that stopped the Robotic Bee Queen, and Joe and Barry informing Cisco and Caitlin about Harrison Wells being the Reverse Flash. (Sorry about not posting a recap for last week, wasn’t a huge fan of the episode, and was extremely busy, so I didn’t want to just halfheartedly post something that would be awful.)

To learn more about Harrison Wells, Cisco and Joe head to Starling City to delve deeper into the car crash that changed Wells, according to the his old, fancy, doctor friend from last week. Meanwhile, Caitlin struggles with accepting the truth, without any evidence.  Continue reading

The Flash 1×17: “Tricksters”

Wow. That’s all I can say to describe this episode of The Flash. With things heating up as we progress toward the season finale, The Flash and its writers are pulling out all the stops. Tonight, we found out a little bit more about Eobard Thawne, but before that, we saw the (return of, in some ways) Trickster.

The episode begins at the Central City park, where many kids and their families are spending their day. But, oh, look at that, little gifts start to parachute from the sky, floating right toward the park. And when one hits the ground, an explosion with enough force to kill you goes off. How fun! Soon thereafter, we see a video from the (young!) Trickster, who claims the return of the title, and promises that he’s only just begun.

In Iron Heights, Barry and Joe go to visit the (old!) Trickster, James Jesse. (Get it? Hilarious, right? Not really, but his laugh sure is. And creepy, also. Anyways.) He ferociously denies knowing who this new fraud is that stole his games and creepily laughs until Barry and Joe get so uncomfortable that they leave.

While the boys are off fighting the Tricksters, Iris is investigating the disappearance of her colleague, Mason Bridge, who was investigating Harrison Wells and STAR Labs. In the previous episode, Mason was visited and killed by the Reverse Flash, and then was disposed of. At least he’s a good housekeeper, right? Iris’ growing suspicion of STAR Labs is only furthered throughout the episode. She visits Eddie at work and asks him to help her look into his disappearance.

The (young!) Trickster releases another video to the public; this time, he exclaims that he placed a bomb in a certain section of the city, and it’s set to go off any time, thus leaving Barry and the Central City Police Force to start looking. Barry, against the advice of Harrison (because during the entire episode, he was struggling to be able to fake his trust in Harrison, while they uncover who he really is) keeps looking, even though Harrison says it’s a distraction. And yet, he’s right. Iron Heights was where the real bomb was located, and the (young!) Trickster helps James Jesse escape, along with taking Barry’s father hostage.

Barry (in one of Grant’s best performances on the show) leads us to STAR Labs, breaking our hearts as he says he can’t lose his father too. Meanwhile, Iris attends the Mayor’s fundraiser at City Hall, where the host is actually both the Tricksters, after having prepared a night of fun. Having laced the champagne with poison, they give everyone a glass, before announcing that they’ve all been poisoned and have to deliver the contents of their bank accounts into a special account for (surprise! Father and son!) Tricksters. Iris, being the clever woman she is, calls her father, and Barry overhears the whole speech. But they’ve prepared for The Flash, attaching a bomb to his wrist that goes off if he stops running. Another game.

Barry starts running, while the STAR Labs crew prepares an antidote to the mercury based poison that those at the fundraiser were laced with. Barry, out of ideas, must rely on Harrison to get the bomb off, as he explains in meticulous detail of how Barry can run through a wall, and leave the bomb behind. As mentioned later, details that only someone who has experienced it can know. The Flash comes to the rescue, injecting an antidote into everyone before taking down the Tricksters.

Tonight is the night that Eddie Thawne becomes aware that Barry is the Flash. Joe and Barry decide together to bring him in on it, and help keep Iris safe and lead her away from STAR Labs and Harrison Wells. Which he does. Eddie tells Iris that Mason moved to Brazil. Where the hell did he get that story?

Eobard Thawne, however, is not who we thought he was. He is the Reverse Flash, but he is NOT Harrison Wells. When he was stuck in the past after trying to kill Barry, Eobard took Harrison’s place, killing him and his wife. We are one step closer to finding out exactly who this mysterious 25th century man is.

Next week is another Arrow crossover, so stay tuned! The epic trailer at the end of the season promised so much to come in the next few episodes, including many more Arrow crossovers and a team up with the Flash, Arrow AND Firestorm,  I’m not sure how we’ll all survive!