Young and Hungry 2×01: “Young and Too Late”

Previously on Young and Hungry, Gabi slept with Josh, who ended up being her boss, and then he proposed to his previous girlfriend, spoiled, rich girl, Caroline. Cue sexual angst and remarks for ten episodes, and Josh calls off his wedding, because of his feelings for Gabi.

This season starts the day after Josh ran up Gabi’s fire escape with roses to confess his feelings for her in the pouring rain, but caught her kissing her current on-again boyfriend, Cooper. Yolanda, Josh’s maid and confidant, having given Josh the advice to go to Gabi’s, sneaks into his room with Elliot, his publicist, in the morning to see if he ended up with Gabi. There’s a blonde, so all is well, until Gabi walks in through the front door.

Perhaps in the best line of the episode, Gabi walks in on Josh and the new blonde and says, “What is it with that guy? Every time he breaks up with Caroline, he ends up in bed with a blonde.”

So with more sexual tension rising as Gabi and Josh won’t confess their feelings for each other, Gabi contemplates an invitation from Cooper to go to China with him for three weeks. (DON’T DO IT, GABI!) Gabi wanted a sign from Josh to see if he has feelings for her, but he (rudely) tells her she should go to China and gives the special gift that she made for him back.

Sophia, Gabi’s roommate, encourages her to go to China with Cooper, saying that Josh doesn’t have feelings, but after Gabi leaves for the airport, she finds Josh’s glove on the fire escape. Sophia realizes what it means, so she goes to find Josh at the gay bar that Elliot took him to, where he is being fawned over for his looks and his “heartbreaking” story of how Gabi ended up with another man.

In true Ross and Rachel fashion, Josh runs after Gabi at the airport, barely missing her. He calls her, and confesses his feelings in a voicemail, but her phone is off. She’s on her way to China with Cooper already. Poor Josh. At the end of the episode, Cooper and Gabi get off the plane, but she can’t use her cell because of the international data rate, which she doesn’t have the thousands of dollars it costs to use in China. So she doesn’t get Josh’s voicemail, at least not yet, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Season one of Young and Hungry was so good, and the tension between Gabi and Josh boosted the comedy of the show. But they can’t just continue to drag out this story, where they aren’t together, but are together, so it’ll be interesting to see what they’ll do. Emily Osment shines in this role; comedy was made for her. And the entire ensemble cast makes this show so much better than it would have been, each of them creating a flare in their characters that is so obvious and needed. Keep up the laughs, Young and Hungry.