Things I’ve Learned From Parks and Rec’s Leslie Knope (Part 1)

Leslie Knope has easily been one of the funniest characters to ever be on television. She’s free-spirited, goofy, eccentric, but she’s also friendly, loyal, kind and inspiring. She started as a lower level, Parks and Recreation maintenance employee in Pawnee, Indiana, which was, “first in friendship, fourth in obesity.” Continue reading


7 Shows To Binge-Watch Instead of Being Productive

Why deny it? Instead of doing whatever you’re supposed to be doing, i.e. homework, you’re surfing through Netflix, looking for your next procrastination-induced binge. Here are a few of my favorites that have interjected themselves between me and my studies. Continue reading

Reign Season 3, So Far

When Reign ended last season, Queen Elizabeth was hot on Mary, Queen of Scots’ trail, calling for her death and her mission annihilate any others who lay claim to the English throne. Francis, accepting his forthcoming death, moved onto the final chapter of his life, and reconciled with Mary, who had an affair with Prince Conde, who knows what the hell happened to him, after her attack in the last midseason finale. Continue reading

Supergirl 1×05: “Livewire”

(Due to the tragic events in Paris this weekend, CBS chose to air 1×05 instead of 1×04 this week, due to content matter.)

Thanksgiving came early for our National City crew, but the monsters are still around. Cat Grant is bitchy, per usual, dealing with an evenly bitchy employee, who is spending her Thanksgiving thanking her tongue for the nasty comments she can make about Supergirl. Eliza Danvers is in town to visit her daughters, making Alex’s life a living hell.

image Continue reading